Hopper 3 Test Plan

14 Mar 2019 - Mateo Atwi

This was one of my projects at NASA during the spring of 2019. My branch, ER3, received new exercise hardware from a company called IHMC. ER3 is setting up a database of exercise equipment as it comes through to be able to quickly compare and contrast hardware to each other. I created a test plan to catalogue new devices.

Together with another intern, we considered software, electrical, and mechanical design to determine what parameters are worth cataloging about a device. We ended up focusing mainly on the mechanical side of the device looking at the available exercises and the operational volume. We saw the potential for more tests to be conducted; however, the tradeoff is time.

Lessons and Skills Learned

This was a challening task because I had to think about ways to test a device and what parameters can be recorded for comparison between exercise hardware. Test plans are very valuable for selecting from a growing list of available devices. Having clear objectives for a test plan are imperative; otherwise, the test plan create will find themselves with too many aspects to test.